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“Become the main character in your own book“
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We recommend
Tangle with Little Mole - Vehicles

  • develops logical thinking
  • teaches children how to categorize and visualize
  • suitable for children aged 4 upwards

Tangle with Little Mole - Seasons

  • develops logical thinking
  • teaches children how to categorize, visualize and count
  • teaches characteristics of the four seasons of the year
  • suitable for children aged 4 upwards

The White Kitty

In this beautiful story your child will get to know the White Kitty, take her home and look after her in secret. She finds out all about the devilment in the cellar of her house and saves Kitty’s life. How? That is too much to disclose. The book is suitable for girls and boys aged 5 upwards. It is highly recommended for beginner-readers!


A sweet little flower fairy named VIOLET accompanies a young reader through the Four Season Kingdom. Each step together they meet fairy-tale characters who they help to get out of trouble.


A visit to a Zoo is always a great adventure. If you do not believe, this book will persuade you.

The Princess and The Brave Prince

Your son, grandson or your nephew will become a brave prince in this story, and your daughter, granddaughter, or niece will become the beautiful princess.

Why buy a personalized book?
“I am a main character and a hero of the book!”
Every child, who immerses him/herself into our original texts, experiences these wonderful feelings. Thanks to personalizing the main characters and location where the story takes place your child becomes part of the story and is thus naturally motivated to read. Emotions and feelings are also supported, which is positively reflected by better reading comprehension, while increasing self-esteem and confidence of the little reader. Based on this positive experience, the charm of the written word is revealed in the absence of compulsory drill, fostering a natural interest in reading.

By purchasing the personalized book you will not only please your child but also many other children as the publisher is actively involved in the “I’M READING” project, which focuses on increasing literacy and creating a positive relationship to the written word. The pilot study has included almost 500 pupils. Currently, we have been actively working on future instalments to involve as many students as possible. When you purchase this book, you will support all little future readers involved in the project and help us advance our mission another step forward.

Modry Slon also supports young talented writers. Become their supporter by purchasing the book and support them with us.


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